4th February, 2019 / News & Events
[As seen on WestFairOnline.com] Innovation, motivation and goal-setting take center stage at Westfair’s C-Suite Awards

The importance of communicating with one’s team – from the generation of ideas to the implementation of strategy and giving credit where it’s due – was a common refrain at Westfair Communications’ C-Suite Awards, held Jan. 31 at Serafina at the IC in Stamford.

“Not one of you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t excellent at what you do,” said keynote speaker Kate Hampford Donahue, president and CEO of family-owned custom chemical manufacturing firm Hampford Research Inc. in Stratford. The key challenge, she said, is how someone in a senior management position can translate that success across their organization.

Citing herself as an example, Donahue explained that her father and company founder Jack Hampford, absent a specific succession plan, had essentially bequeathed the firm to her on his deathbed. While Jack was a chemist by trade, Donahue said, she spent her time in chemistry class “trying to get the boy I liked to notice me.”…